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1. Insured aged between 50 – 60 years old (can be renewed up to 70 years old).
2. Premium subject to increase based on age range.
3. The Insured must be in good health with no partial/total disability nor any congenital disease (Insured need to complete application form and meet company’s underwriting criteria).
4. 1 person per 1 policy only.
Please note that this insurance is applicable only for STV, OX and OA visa applicaiton. For the covid-19 insurance that will cover a minimum of 100,000 USD, please kindly follow up with Thai General Insurance Association (Tgia).

Important Exclusion
1. Pre-Existing condition.
2. 30 days waiting period from the inception date is applied to sickness coverage.
3. 120 days waiting period from the inception date is applied to sickness coverage for the following diseases:
a. Benign or malignant tumor or cancer or cystic mass
b. Hemorrhoids
c. Hernias
d. Pterygium, pinguecula, cataract
e. Tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy
f. Stones
g. Varicose Veins
h. Endometriosis

Don’t accept occupations under high risk as the followings:
- risk occupation related to using heavy machinery or chemicals i.e. building contractor, construction worker, carpenter, mason, ironsmith, Painter, electrician, pipe line worker, plumber, mechanical worker, Radiator worker, laborer, pest buster.
- Worker in gas production / dynamite / explosive / gunpowder plants, oil rig worker, miner, security guard, fire fighter, diver, professional athlete related to speed/fighting challenge i.e. racing, boxing, and rugby.
- Farmer, Gardener and Fishermen i.e. rubber tapper, employee in Farm, fishing crew.
- Driver, Shipmaster, Courier, Messenger, Motorbike taxi.